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Bitss-C Preselect Features

Benefit from Bitss C’s advanced anti-spam features, designed to keep your communication channels clean and free from unwanted spam.

Tailor your contact forms and customize your contact form input fields such as name, email, address, etc., and ensure data accuracy with built-in validation.

Implement an effective human verification system with Captcha math challenges, enhancing security while ensuring a user-friendly experience.

Bitss C Preselect Form features a built-in anti-spam blocking system specifically designed for contact messages. Prevent spam at the source with this proactive solution.

Set your site logo, company address, location, phone number, and email to present a professional and trustworthy image to your website visitors.

Enjoy robust anti-spam security measures that safeguard your contact forms against malicious and unwanted intrusions

Bitss C Preselect Form provides real-time threat monitoring, actively identifying and mitigating potential spam threats as they occur.

Bitss C Preselect Form product price is a once off fee of 10.00 € for unlimited time for one website domain, and includes the support pack for the first year. The support pack includes upgrades, training and support. if you require the support pack on a yearly basis then take the support pack annual subscription at 1.95€ per year.

Product Name: Bitss C Preselect Form antispam for contact page on website, it offers front end and anti spamming protection.

Bitss C Preselect Form empowers you to maintain the integrity of your website’s contact page and communication channels.

With intelligent spam detection, a user-friendly CAPTCHA, and customizable settings, your contact form is safeguarded from spam and automated bot attacks. Our seamless integration process guarantees a stress-free implementation, allowing you to focus on what matters most—connecting with your genuine audience.

Asked Questions

Bitss C Preselect Form is a powerful WordPress contact plugin designed to enhance your website’s contact forms. It offers advanced features such as anti-spam protection, customizable form inputs, and professional contact settings.


While Bitss C is optimized for WordPress, it can also be seamlessly integrated into other websites, providing universal compatibility across different platforms.


Bitss C incorporates advanced anti-spam functions, including real-time threat monitoring and a captcha math human verification system, to effectively block and filter out spam submissions.


Bitss C Preselect Form offers robust anti-spam security, real-time submission protection, and a built-in contact message anti-spam blocking system to ensure the security of your communication channels.


Absolutely! Bitss C provides customizable form inputs with validation. You can tailor your forms to include fields such as name, email, address, and more, ensuring a personalized and user-friendly experience.


Bitss C improves contact management by organizing and streamlining incoming messages. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for administrators to manage and users to interact effectively.


Bitss C allows users to set professional contact settings, including the site logo, company address, location, phone number, and email. This helps in presenting a trustworthy and branded image to visitors.


Yes, Bitss C Preselect Form includes real-time submission protection, actively monitoring and safeguarding against potential threats during the data submission process.


Yes, Bitss C offers continuous support, training resources, and regular upgrades to help users maximize the potential of the plugin and stay informed about the latest features.